Zaman Mecci Perfects the Side-Hustle, Helping Himself and Others Reach Their Goals


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Since 2012, Mecci has worked as a successful systems consultant at a Fortune 500 company.

Zaman Mecci

Since 2012, Mecci has worked as a successful systems consultant at a Fortune 500 company.
Since 2012, Mecci has worked as a successful systems consultant at a Fortune 500 company.

Fayetteville, Georgia, Jan. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Some people just have a certain grit. They work tirelessly to develop a product or service that could potentially change the world. These are the people who see the next life-altering trend and dive in to create it. Such is the case with Zaman Mecci.

Since 2012, Mecci has worked as a successful systems consultant at a Fortune 500 company. For most people, this level of professional success would be enough. However, Mecci had bigger plans.

What makes Mecci somewhat exceptional is that his hard work before and after his 9 to 5 is not just for his gain. Mecci’s most recent side-hustles seem to have a pattern of making it easier and less costly for start-ups and other new businesses.

Working the side-hustle

Working his 9 to 5 leaves little time for developing lucrative side-hustles. However, for Mecci, making the time has paid off. To-date, his extra income has generated asset worth $1 million. Therefore, it is safe to say Mecci knows a bit about start-ups. But his success was not instant, and there were some mishaps along the way. Yet, as with most ultra-successful people, the failures became building blocks for unimaginably profitable ventures thereafter.

Successful side-hustles often serve as an extension or complement an individual’s full-time job because “digging too many wells could be overwhelming,” Mecci states. His first solo venture, World Bank Studios Inc, was making quite a splash in booming shared economy in the beginning of this decade. Mecci saw a need for workspace for small businesses to get established without having to pay all of the extra costs associated with overpriced real estate. At one point, the properties valued more than a million dollars and generated approximately $50,000 annually both from the US and India locations combined. Although, real estate is a low risk low reward sector, it is not easily scalable. He explains the biggest problem with real estate investment is having the capital to invest and the loan interest rates are brutal. Since then, Mecci started diluting properties and shifted his focus to technology.

Parabolus: Building cutting edge products that democratize various industries.

Mecci had no doubt he was on the right path in 2018, launching successful projects, one right after the other by putting together teams of side hustlers and bringing life to projects by contributing both financially and technically, in return for equity. All under his holding company Parabolas Inc. Financial gain was not always the impetus for developing new products. It wasn’t the product idea either. “It’s the team that drives me into building something as it remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare,” Mecci adds.

The most recent product launched is Krypto Kafe, a cryptocurrency live trading signals data and exchange platform, a growing worldwide trend. Mecci serves as a product advisor. He also provides strategic counsel to “Product Fisher” (ProdFish), an AI based app that connects consumers to local retailers. ProdFish is due to release in March 2021. In addition, there are at least 2 other projects in the pipeline.

Final thoughts

There’s something to be said for the people who are growing their businesses and using those ventures to help others. Mecci ‘gets it.’ All of those ‘before’ and ‘after’ hours developing his side-hustles have paved a path so others can reach their financial goals. Is Parabolus the pinnacle for Mecci? That’s doubtful. All signs indicate there’s more to come from this forward-thinking technopreneur.

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