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Americans don’t want to give up their paper money, but they should

The recent health scare surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak seems to have accelerated the move toward a cashless society, with cashless payment spiking in concert...

Most Americans are against a digital dollar CBDC, survey reveals

A new study by crypto mining firm Genesis Mining suggests the majority of U.S. citizens are against the introduction of a Central Bank Digital...

Bloomberg: Americans Trade Depreciating Dollars For Bitcoin

A Bloomberg article claims that Americans are foregoing the safety of the dollar for more speculative assets like stocks, gold, and Bitcoin (BTC). High saving...

Over 7M Americans Own BTC But Hold None In Retirement Accounts

Ryan Radloff, CEO of custody solution Kingdom Trust, recently explained a vast number of Americans do not hold Bitcoin (BTC) in their retirement accounts.  "There's...

New Data Reveals That Americans Are Increasingly Politically Engaged

Political prediction market trading increases, and so does the support ecosystemWashington, D.C., May 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Washington, D.C. – John Phillips, Co-Founder...