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Anndy Lian: Keynote Speech at Blockchain Summit LatAm 2021

Latin America is at the crossroads of a revolution in crypto adoption, says the head of global crypto exchange BigONE Decentralized crypto initiatives...

Anndy Lian Joins EG Association as Non Executive Chair “Social Impact Supercharged Using Blockchain”

Anndy Lian has joined EG Association as their Non Executive Chairman. The EG Association, a social impact-driven organization leveraging the power of...

Anndy Lian Shared His Perspectives on Crypto Giving with ElonGate, World’s Largest Charity Crypto

Anndy Lian, a thought leader in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space shared his perspective on crypto giving with ElonGate on 14 July...

Catching up with Anndy Lian: “WE ARE SATOSHI”

1. Where are you originally from, what was your upbringing like? I am born in sunny island Singapore. Singapore's environment is rather competitive if you...

Keynote speech by Anndy Lian: Understand DeFi to Build Regulatory Frameworks Around it

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is still in rapid growth. According to a report from CoinGecko, the industry has reached a $100 billion capitalization...
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