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Interview: OKEx Team Comes Together to Answer Few Questions About Crypto Market

As the crypto market continues to ride rough waves, we at NewsBTC decided to throw some questions at OKEx’ team to get a better...

Common questions about Ethereum PoS mergers, let’s answer them one by one

Regarding the Ethereum PoS merger, the answers you want to know are all here. Finishing: Wang Yankun What is "merger"? The "merger" is...

How Elon Musk Is The Answer To Bitcoin Energy FUD

Bitcoin is constantly the subject of controversy, bringing out pundits, skeptics, and critics of all kinds and of various domains. Economists call it a...

Tesla, Bitcoin and the crypto space: The show Musk go on? Experts answer

While 2020 was a significant year for Bitcoin (BTC), the just-begun year of 2021 is already full of great surprises. On Feb. 8, Bitcoin’s...

Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction Quick Answer: When will it start? How to participate?

The parachain function has been launched on the Rococo testnet. The community predicts that the Kusama card slot auction will be in March and...
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