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‘Binance’s centralized servers serve decentralized economy’ – CZ

Over the past ten years, crypto-exchanges have emerged to become extremely crucial, not just with regard to adoption levels, but also when it comes...

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecom watchdog blacklists Binance’s website

Reportedly, the regulator blacklisted the website for spreading prohibited information. At the moment, the website is still accessible without additional tools like a VPN. Per Binance’s...

Russia’s telecom regulator blacklists Binance website

Authorities in Russia appear to be going after Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — as its domain is now in the list...

How Binance is strengthening its hold on Bitcoin, altcoin derivatives markets

Binance Futures was launched a year back and today, as per CoinGecko’s ranking of top derivative exchanges, it stands third. The exchange has been...

Binance launches an Innovation Zone to let users trade new DeFi tokens

The Innovation Zone requires users to risk losing 50% or more of their principal capital. Through this zone, Binance aims to filter out traders based...