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Here’s the full story behind Bitcoin Lightning’s ‘comeback’

There was once a period when scaling Bitcoin was the next developmental step. It fueled the rise of the Bitcoin Lightning Network in 2018....

Bitcoin’s recent recovery has a lot to do with this

The larger market has tried to understand the value of Bitcoin over the past few years. While many usually fixate on its market price...

Is this a sure-shot sign of a Bitcoin bull market

In a surprising turn of events, Bitcoin reaffirmed its king coin status by swiftly climbing above $35K and testing the $40K mark. Now, while...

Is this the right time to enter Bitcoin derivatives market

Bitcoin had a strong 26.7% rally (as of press time) that made spot trading very profitable for investors, but the interesting fact is that...

IMF: Using Bitcoin as a national currency may lead to macroeconomic instability

The IMF believes that using Bitcoin and other encrypted assets as national currencies involves certain risks, but the advantages of their underlying technologies,...
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