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Bitcoin whales sell 140,000 Bitcoins this month

It is known that the whales who accumulated bitcoin this year have disposed of some bitcoin. According to Cointelegraph reports, cryptocurrency data...

Elon Musk, bitcoin-Tesla stock price declines ‘maximum sign’ Give it away

Falling bitcoin prices and falling Tesla stock prices gave Tesla CEO Elon Musk the world's largest cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph reported. According to reports,...

‘Bitcoin’… “Not a short hit, ‘long-term investment'”

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency (virtual) currency, has been on the roller coaster market for several days, giving a good reason to be extremely cautious...

Bloomberg “Bitcoin rebound is due to Wall Street’s golden hand Cashwood”

Bitcoin, which had plunged in the last two days, rebounded because of a positive comment from the Chief Executive Officer of Cashwood Arc...

Square, Inc. ‘doubles down’ on crypto with $170M Bitcoin purchase

In what is yet another development that highlights the value attached to cryptocurrencies by institutions, Square Inc. announced today that it has purchased another...