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Previous bull-market cycles indicate this about Bitcoin prices

The crypto market has been looking very uninspiring lately. No thanks to India’s upcoming policy decision that seems to have added to the market’s...

Ekart Inu trends in bull race: Early holders will soon become millionaires

Key points This is the first time this has happened in 2021 Everyone calling it as DAD OF ALL INU’S 370k+ Account holders in the last 22...

Is this a sure-shot sign of a Bitcoin bull market

In a surprising turn of events, Bitcoin reaffirmed its king coin status by swiftly climbing above $35K and testing the $40K mark. Now, while...

Bitcoin: Why we are still in a bull market

Bitcoin and Bitcoin holders sure had a roller coaster ride these past couple of months. Despite a series of FUDs and death crosses, on the...

Let’s face reality… Is Bitcoin’s bull run really over?

The constant volatility of the Bitcoin market has forced analysts to repeatedly change their lens from bearish to bullish and vice versa. Different market...
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