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Bitcoin Lacking Bullish Momentum, But 100 SMA Could Trigger Upside Break

Bitcoin price is showing early signs of a bullish break above $10,800 against the US Dollar. BTC could continue higher as long as it...

Although NFT is popular but niche, which application areas are worth paying attention to?

NFT has expanded from the initial game circle to the fields of art, collectibles, real assets and virtual assets. Original title: "Why is NFT?...

Bitcoin may be stuck below $11k but its adoption is unhindered, here’s why

The crypto market saw a relatively stable week as Bitcoin continued its quest towards $11k. However, it has not been easy for BTC to...

Bitcoin is Gaining Momentum, But This Resistance Presents A Major Challenge

Bitcoin price is rising steadily above the $10,800 resistance against the US Dollar. However, BTC might face a strong resistance near the $11,000 and...

Americans don’t want to give up their paper money, but they should

The recent health scare surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak seems to have accelerated the move toward a cashless society, with cashless payment spiking in concert...