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Why it is ideal to accumulate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano right now

As inflation is easing in the US, investor Ben Armstrong recently suggested viewers to prepare for a bear market, stating, “During the crypto bear market, things...

Cardano to the moon and beyond has some caveats attached

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice Ready to lead the...

Overview of Cardano Ecological Development: Can you win this turnaround?

Although Cardano has officially entered the era of smart contracts, and ecological applications seem to be "full bloom", in fact, there is no application...

‘Ghost chain’ to ‘ghostbusters,’ Cardano’s Hoskinson gears up for the big day

The Cardano community has been waiting for the upcoming update for a while now. The update will push the network’s ability to run a...

Cardano’s Hoskinson calls this a win, not just for Bitcoin but the entire crypto-industry

“We, as the industry, won. Now we are just sorting out the details of what it means,” said IOG chief executive, Charles Hoskinson. He discussed...
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