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Cardano found buyers near the $1-mark, but here’s why that’s not enough

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and shouldn’t be considered investment advice The price of Cardano has been...

Here’s why this country is so important to Cardano’s growth model in 2022

At press time, Cardano’s ADA was the sixth biggest crypto by market cap and was changing hands at $1.24. This was after a 0.51%...

Cardano’s UTXO smart contract model to be middle ground between Ethereum, Bitcoin

2021 was a monumental year for the Cardano network with the introduction of smart contracts. IOHK founder, Charles Hoskinson believes the new year will...

Blockcast.cc Gets Insights from ADADAO “World’s First Interest-Free Stablecoin Protocol built on Cardano”

1) Hello ADADAO, can you tell us about your team, as well as your experience in the cryptocurrency market? ADADAO team comprises of the following...

What is the likelihood of Cardano embarking on another bull run by 11 January

Cardano was trading at $1.46 at the time of writing. Sellers had emerged in the $1.6 area and pushed the price down to $1.46....
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