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HashKey: A brief analysis of the “digital dollar” project technical solutions and use cases

The digital dollar project is not a central bank digital currency project led by the Federal Reserve, and it is also different from...

DEFI PRIVACY IS HERE!! Secret Network, Allowing New Use-Cases, Pushing Crypto Ahead, Deep Interview

Today we are interviewing Tor Bair from Secret Network (former Enigma). Massive interview in which we discuss Defi use-cases and how Secret...

Tether may be well-positioned to see use-cases diversify

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has evolved substantially over the past decade. While Bitcoin remains the most recognizable flag bearer, the industry’s adoption rates would look...

Cryptojacking and Ransomware Cases Grow in Mexico

Mexican users of public cloud networks report a surge in cryptojacking and ransomeware attacks in recent months. According to El Economista, almost three quarters of...

Shell is recruiting science graduates to build blockchain use cases for oil and gas

The worlds fifth largest oil and gas producer in the world, Royal Dutch Shell, is getting further into the blockchain game, and is looking to train the next generation of blockchain industry execs. Shell is looking for blockchain analysts as part of its Info…