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The rise of DEX: is it coming from behind or is it short-lived?

Recently, the 24-hour trading volume history of Uniswap, the leader of the DeFi decentralized exchange (DEX) track, surpassed the mainstream centralized exchange (CEX)...

YAM V3 Coming This Week, But DeFi Community Remains Wary

Having failed spectacularly the first time around, controversial “experimental” DeFi project YAM is preparing to launch Version 3 on Friday, September 18. After a month...

Former AngelList CEO Claims The Next Big DeFi Wave is Coming

If you thought the DeFi phenomenon was big, bigger and better is yet to come. Well, that’s according to former AngelList CEO, Naval Ravikant,...

Ethereum’s good fortune may be coming to an end

It has been both difficult and easy to critique Ethereum this year. For a long time, it seemed to co-exist under the shadow of...

BlockchainUa is coming!

BlockchainUA is the main blockchain event in Ukraine. Three years in a row, the strongest community in the field of blockchain and decentralized technologies...