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Kevin O’Leary “Stop Bloody Coins” Criticizes Bitcoin Mining

Amid the intensifying environmental problems of Bitcoin, the term'Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank and Dragon's Den refers to bitcoins mined in China'...

The co-founder of BytTree criticizes the Bitcoin “inventory to flow ratio” model

Charlie Morris, the co-founder and chief investment officer of BytTree, released a report questioning and criticizing the popular Bitcoin inventory-to-flow ratio (S2F) model. This...

Twitter CEO criticizes Coinbase for its recent ‘culture shift’

Coinbase has faced strong criticism after a recent decision to ban political discussions at work. Even Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, found himself criticizing the decision...

AMFEIX Threatens Users Who Share Coverage That Criticizes the Company

Last week Cointelegraph published a story about investors having difficulty getting their money back from a crypto fund called AMFEIX, which promised high-yield profits...

Former Director of the National Broadband Task Force Criticizes Anti-Encryption Bills

Under president Obama, Anurag Lal served as the director of the National Broadband Task Force. Currently he is the CEO of NetSfere, a company...
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