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Starting from Loot, a discussion of NFT Lego

Every wave always follows the trend, but the definite consensus is: the real formation of Loot requires more time in units of years....

Ethereum Core Developers Conference: In-depth discussion on the Ethereum merger and its route evolution

The PoS merger is the current focus of Ethereum's work. The overall plan for the merger has been determined, and the client team will...

Blockcast.cc Hosts Discussion with Lithium’s Team on “Empowering innovation in the early-stage crypto space”

1) Can you also tell us more about your teammates too. Please share their Linkedin profile too. Ben, our CEO, got interested in crypto while...

India may see the crypto bill discussion in Monsoon session of Parliament

Indian crypto businesses may find some relief in the news that the cabinet note for the crypto bill is ‘ready’. This information was disclosed...

Binance Australia x Australian NFTs creators panels discussion

Binance Australia will be hosting an Australian NFT Creators Panel Discussion on 17 June 2021, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (AEST) to discuss the...
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