Asia Blockchain Community Meets Diversifi “One Token To Diversify you FANTOM Portfolio”

Welcome to Asia Blockcast Community (ABC). ABC is a community that is based in Asia and run by volunteers. We know the market very...

Asia Blockchain Community to host AMA with Diversifi on 9 January 2022

Blockcast.cc, a leading blockchain media company will be hosting iversifi for an AMA “Ask Me Anything” session on 9 January 2022, 8.00 pm Singapore...

Take a full look at the progress of StarkWare and its L2 application performance: dYdX, DiversiFi, Immmutable X and Sorare

The four applications dYdX, DiversiFi, Immmutable X and Sorare, which are expanded with StarkEx, account for 35% of the market share in L2. How...

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