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Goldman Sachs: Ethereum is expected to replace Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market

Goldman Sachs believes that Ethereum, with the rapid development of NFT and DeFi, as well as technological iterations, is expected to break Bitcoin's first-mover...

Bitcoin market dominance, down to 40% in 3 years

Last week, altcoin's market cap reached about $1.5 trillion, rising to the highest level in three years. Cointelegraph reports that while Bitcoin...

Here’s how Dogecoin has fueled one of the biggest ‘bearish Bitcoin dominance cases’

It would not be wrong to assert that altcoins, of late, have become synonymous with meme coins. In fact, one can argue that these...

Bloomberg “Weakening Bitcoin Dominance, Signaling the Collapse of the Cryptocurrency Bubble”

As Bitcoin's dominance in the cryptocurrency (virtual currency) market weakens, the surge in altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) could be a signal of...

Ethereum, “Leap”… Bitcoin dominance, 46% ‘falling’

◆Cryptocurrency market conditions <weak> While Bitcoin (BTC) cannot escape the weakness, Ethereum (ETH) is continuing its high pace every day. In fact, the...
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