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Fintech startups amass war chests for the economic downturn

Consumer fintech startups were massively successful in 2019, attracting millions of new users and disrupting traditional retail banks and financial services with mobile-first, consumer-oriented products. Despite the economic downturn in public markets and the massive wave of cuts at public and private companies in recent weeks, fintech startups have been raising a ton of money.…

FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN FORUM 2020 – Virtual Conference

£180 Event description FinTech World Forum 2020 (https://fintechconferences.com) is based in London UK Europe as one of leading global F``inTech & blockchain event About this Event FinTech World...

Fintech innovation can lead SMEs out of the imminent financial crisis

Home News (Image credit: Shutterstock) Cash flow has always been a big challenge for small businesses, but right now it has reached critical mass. The economic impact of the ongoing pandemic has devastated millions of SMEs – and while government help is being established in many countries, it won’t come fast enough to save every…

So many Fintech eggs in so many baskets

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The whole crew was present this week: Natasha, Danny and Alex, along with our intrepid producer Chris. And like the last few episodes it was good to have everyone around as there was so very much to get through. Even better there…

Programmable fintech payments startup Sila raises $7.7M seed to wipe out ACH

Fintech is white hot these days, with major acquisitions and funding rounds galore. It’s also a relatively new space, with startups only really breaching the thicket of regulations that defines the modern banking and finance world in the past few years. So it is fascinating to watch how Shamir Karkal, one of the original fintech…