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Almost 2000 Robinhood accounts hacked: Report

Hackers have compromised “almost 2,000” Robinhood Markets Inc trading accounts in the recent cyberattacks spree that have stolen funds from crypto users, according to...

Millions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Tokens Hacked From KuCoin Will Be “Covered”

On Friday afternoon, a number of Twitter users began to notice large withdrawals of Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens from Kucoin’s designated addresses. In the...

bZx hacked again as Duplication bug costs protocol $8M in user deposits

Decentralized Finance “lending” protocol, bZx, is not having a good year. Seven months after bZx was hit by two major hacks that saw the...

This European Crypto Exchange Was Just Hacked for $5 Million

In the first crypto exchange hack of this bull market, a European crypto exchange was hacked for around $5 million. Only the exchange’s “hot”...

Donate Bitcoin, Ethereum ‘generously,’ says Indian PM’s hacked Twitter a/c

Being one of the most powerful men in the world offers no immunity from the tricks and wits of scamsters. This was evidenced a...