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IPFS lead explains how malicious files are eliminated from its network

The InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS, helps decentralize the internet by making files available across multiple locations instead of through a single centralized point of failure. What...

Market value is down, but DeFi is still in its early days?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) ushered in an explosive quarter in the summer of 2020. The value locked in the DeFi agreement increased from US$2 billion...

Social Volume Surrounding Bitcoin Suggests Its Uptrend is About to Slow

Bitcoin’s intense multi-day uptrend is slowing as the cryptocurrency reaches $13,000. A confluence of positive news regarding BTC’s adoption amongst corporations helped drive this...

Paul Tudor Jones claims BTC’s rally is still in its initial stages

According to Jones, BTC is the best asset to hedge against volatility. Jones believes the quantitative easing from the federal reserve will facilitate inflation. At the...

Raiffeisen Bank to connect its stablecoin project to multiple blockchains

The blockchain interoperability tool will prevent RBI Coin from being restricted to one blockchain. Per Raiffeisen Bank’s Christian Wolf, this move will introduce flexibility for...