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Bitcoin Facing Uphill Task, Why BTC Could Drop To $30K Again

Bitcoin price is showing recovering signs above $32,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is facing an uphill task at $34,000 and it is likely...

Aave and Chainlink hit new highs as Bitcoin price fights to hold $32K

Bitcoin (BTC) price opened the weekend trapped within the $33,500 to $32,000 range but at the time of writing the digital asset is struggling...

Altcoins rally while Bitcoin bulls are thwarted by resistance at $34K

Bitcoin’s (BTC) tumble below $30,000 was short-lived as the top cryptocurrency found a new wave of support, including a $10 million ‘buy the dip’...

URGENT: BITCOIN MANIPULATION!!! IGNORE THE FUD! Bitcoin $75k by April 1! Cryptocurrency News!

If you are a new bitcoin holder PLEASE watch this whole video! Get a $250 Sign Up Bonus: https://www.blockfi.com/altcoindaily 👈👈👈 Hit Like, Share, and...

Going long: 270K Bitcoin moved into storage in a month

Despite surging prices, Bitcoin investors are rapidly locking up their BTC for the long-term, with 270,000 BTC being taken out of liquid supply in...
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