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Bitcoin’s “Golden” Secret | When Is $20K In The Cards?

#bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies Check out our sponsor, V-ID: https://about.v-id.org/ See how you could win up to $500 for simply saving for your future ⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VTXXlSGTwI Looking...

Joke MEME coin airdrop is now worth $600K

MEME, a community-driven project inspired by a ConsenSys developer’s satire of the yield farming bubble, has gained nearly 100% in 24-hours to post an...

These 5 Technical Trends Show Bitcoin Could Drop After Passing $11k

Bitcoin has pushed above $11,000 after consolidating under that pivotal resistance for a number of days. The leading cryptocurrency now trades for $11,070, pushing...

This Level Holds the Key to Bitcoin Soon Retesting the Critical $12k Level

Bitcoin faced a strong rejection at the pivotal $12,000 level after rallying to that resistance earlier this month. After failing to hold above $12,000,...

Pinned below $11K, Bitcoin price plays second fiddle to Uniswap (UNI)

As the weekend begins, Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to fluctuate between the $10,800-$11,000 range.  Cryptocurrency daily market performance snapshot. Source: Coin360 Some analysts would say the...