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Three minutes to understand Polkadot Ecological Open Insurance Market Tidal

Tidal's core function is mutual insurance pool and corresponding reserve smart contract, and improve capital efficiency by promoting competition between different fund pools. Written...

Musician Grimes’ debut NFT auction generates $5.8M in 20 minutes

Candian musician and visual artist, Claire Elise Boucher, or Grimes, has sold a mammoth $5.8 million worth of tokenized art in less than 20...

Three minutes to learn about Kine

In addition to crypto asset derivatives trading, Kine also hopes to achieve "transaction everything" and bring mainstream traders into the DeFi world on a...

Three minutes to understand Idavoll Network: Polkadot Ecological Cross-chain DAO Agreement

Idavoll Network builds a complete set of governance tools and adopts a modular design, aiming to provide a universal DAO service management platform that...

Learn about the “best deal” DEX aggregator atomic.blue in three minutes

atomic.blue currently supports the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance smart chain. Features include the positive slippage to the user, and the ability to bypass...