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Cover co-founder Alan: V2 will achieve more asset insurance coverage, not limited to DeFi

Author: Wendy Note: This article is an interview with Cover co-founder Alan, which briefly explains the situation of Cover. Q: Can you talk...

Why is Bitcoin trust more and more popular with traditional investors?

As a traditional investment tool, trust has become the best channel for the current Bitcoin investment market. Original title: "IDEG 丨 Bitcoin Trust is...

Here’s how MicroStrategy CEO intends to get more companies to buy Bitcoin

Ever since business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy, invested $425 million of its treasury funds into Bitcoin last year, the company and its CEO have been...

Mark Cuban is more into crypto than he’s previously let on

The billionaire who once said he prefers bananas to Bitcoin is now tossing around crypto terms on social media like an experienced HODLer. In Twitter...

DeFi will have more room for development than Ethereum

# Blockchain 2021-01-11 11:13 2 11,864 Source: Tao said the blockchain Although in the decentralized blockchain world, the concepts and business models of many...
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