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Huobi x Epik Prime – Everything You Need to Know About NFTs!

In the first episode of ‘Spotlight of Huobi Listing’, we invited two special guests from Epik Prime – Victor David (Founder &...

What kind of Internet infrastructure does Metaverse need to get out of the island?

The complete meta-universe world requires an interconnected network of unprecedented scale. Original title: " Viewpoint: An islanded meta-universe needs to "turn the parts into...

Why Bitcoin watchers need to pay attention to lost coins

The decentralized blockchain ecosystem comes with a catch: the risk of losing one’s coins in diverse ways. And these are no small numbers. A...

Bitcoin: What you need to know about this ‘last cycle’

Bitcoin has been on an uptrend for over a month, and several analysts continue to make projections with regards to its price action. In...

Chainalysis: Three things that law enforcement agencies need to know before investigating crypto crimes

As more and more criminal activities incorporate cryptocurrency, it is becoming increasingly important to spread it to all levels of law enforcement agencies. Original...
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