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News of the Week – Sep. 10, 2021 | OKEx

Major cryptocurrency and blockchain news stories, brought to you by OKEx Insights ---- OKEx.com Twitter: @OKEx Telegram: /OKExOfficial_English Reddit: /r/OKEx ---- OKEx is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with...

Crypto-inflation is old news, thanks to CaramelSwap

It is no wonder that so many decentralized yield farms are operating this year as cryptocurrency flies high. Nevertheless, crypto can now simply replace...

Selected Chain News | Understanding the Emerging Public Chain Dark Horse Solana

Who is more important to decentralization and performance? This is an old debate in the crypto world. The answer given by the emerging...

Bad news from China… Bitcoin $40 million collapse

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum has plummeted by 8.87%, Ada (Cardano) by 5.97%, and Dogecoin by 7.55%, respectively. News 1 It was created...

Selected Chain News | Towards the Future: The Cyberpunk World of Metaverse

Imagine moving everything in real life into the virtual world, what would it be like? You may feel far away, but in fact...
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