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Chainlink Futures OI follows asset’s price to hit ATH

One of the market’s most-popular altcoins, Chainlink has been rallying lately, with its Futures market seeing a lot of reignited interest as...

Bitmex’s recent Bitcoin OI is a clear signal to the market

Bitcoin’s price was rallying before CFTC charges hit BitMEX, and immediately after, retail traders started scaling back positions on BitMEX. Open interest in XBTUSD...

BitMEX leads among derivatives exchanges as OI surges

The cryptocurrency exchanges have witnessed stagnant spot trading while an active derivatives market is booming. Despite being a part of a brief crypto winter,...

Ethereum OI rises as DeFi TVL hits $3 billion

The Ethereum derivatives market, like its spot market, was lying low. The last time the Options market witnessed increased activity was on 26 June,...