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Teach you how to play fixed income agreement Element testnet

The core of the Element protocol is to allow assets such as Ethereum to be divided into principal tokens and income tokens to control...

Milk (MiL.k), ‘Lifestyle #1 in both Google Play and App Store’ Ascension

Blockchain-based point integration platform'MiL.k' was selected as the most popular app in the daily life field of both major app markets. Milk...

Is the ‘Grayscale effect’ in play for Livepeer [LPT]?

With a 24-hour high of $29.79, LPT made news as the asset recorded a 1,000% surge in price recently. Interestingly, the hike occurred soon...

Why the bitcoin mining business is a different play

While Bitcoin has been growing in popularity among retailers and institutions alike, CEO of Cipher Mining, Tyler Page, stressed the importance of the mining...