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Polkadot “Huge Change”: Parallel Link Diagram, Asset Cross-chain, Substrate2.0

In the past month or so, Polkadot has made rapid progress. It announced the parallel link diagram, released Substrate 2.0, and realized the...

“What is Polkadot”, a Polkadot popular science article that everyone can understand

The author of this article is Bruno Škvorc, a developer and blockchain science worker from Croatia. In 2015, Bruno joined the Ethereum...

RockX launches $20 million investment program for the Polkadot ecosystem

Digital asset development company RockX has launched a $20 million investment program to support the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem over the next five years. The...

Three minutes to understand Polimec: Polkadot ecological original fundraising mechanism

The effect of Polimec on the Polkadot ecology is the same as the effect of the ERC20 contract on the Ethereum ecology. ...

Chainlink, Polkadot, Decred Price Analysis: 20 September

Chainlink slipped beneath yet another important level, with the crypto likely to post further losses over the next week or two. Further down the...