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Polkadot, CRO, Synthetix Price Analysis: 09 April

Historically, the altcoin market has shared a strong correlation with the price performances of Bitcoin. However, the last few days have bucked this tradition,...

How Chainlink will help secure Polkadot’s environment

Polkadot has integrated with Chainlink to incorporate its oracle service into its multi-chain environment. Thus, the different teams building on Polkadot will be able...

Parachain auction economics: Polkadot and Kusama, who is the better investment choice?

If the amount of funds is relatively small, Kusama may be a better choice. Original title: "The Economics of Parachain Auctions: Why Kusama might...

Three minutes to understand the Polkadot ecological prediction market Zeitgeist

The core of Zeitgeist is a prediction market platform based on Substrate, to understand its characteristics, team and token distribution. Written by: Groot The...

First-class warehouse: In-depth analysis of Polkadot ecological DAO infrastructure Dora Factory

Have a comprehensive understanding of the Dora Factory project features, products, token economic model, and competitive advantages and disadvantages. Original title: "First-class warehouse ...