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XRP, Dogecoin, Ethereum Price Analysis: 05 May

With Ethereum taking Bitcoin’s lead and correcting on the price charts, the likes of XRP followed suit to note a depreciation of its own....

Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Filecoin Price Analysis: 05 May

With Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, losing a lot of momentum lately, many of the market’s alts did too. The likes of Cardano and...

XRP, Cardano, Polkadot Price Analysis

XRP highlighted bearish conditions in the market and a fall could take place all the way towards $1.30 before buyers step in. Cardano remained...

Monero, Klaytn, Chainlink Price Analysis: 04 May

Monero needed to defend $388 from bearish pressure and this would lead to a breakout above $440. Klaytn’s recovery was restricted below $2.6, while...

What price will DOGE hit: will Dogecoin reach $100?

In case you haven’t already heard, today, Dogecoin reached a new all-time high price of nearly $0.60. That has left crypto investors around the...