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UK authorities focus on stablecoin regulation to prevent monopoly

British Financial Services Minister John Glen has revealed that Spablecoin will be a major target for government cryptocurrency regulation, Cointelegraph reported. According...

Central Bank of Thailand, Baht-linked stablecoin ‘ban’ measure

Thailand's central bank, Bank of Thailand, has taken an unprecedented measure of a ban on stablecoins linked to the fiat currency Baht....

French giant retailer launches Tezos-based stablecoin

It is reported that Groupe Casino, a distribution company with 120 years of tradition based in France, will launch stable coins linked...

Thailand’s central bank warns against ‘illegal’ THT stablecoin

The Bank of Thailand has issued a stern warning against a privately issued stablecoin pegged to the national currency, the Thai Baht. According to a...

Techemynt rolls out first stablecoin pegged to the New Zealand dollar

New Zealand financial services provider Techemynt has announced the launch of the first stablecoin backed 1:1 by New Zealand’s dollar. According to Techemynt, the stablecoin...