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TrustSwap (SWAP) Big Interview – Transactions, Launch, Ethereum, Subscriptions – Jeff Kirdeikis

Today we are interviewing Jeff Kirdeikis from TrustSwap. TrustSwapis making transactions more flexible in the blockchain ecosystem and in this video he...
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The Importance of Decentralized Custody and Cross-chain Swap

Decentralized FinanceDistributed blockchain technology eliminates custodial risks where users can truly own their tokens without the need to delegate custody to a centralized third...
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Veritaseum Accuses T-Mobile of Gross Negligence Over $8.6M SIM-Swap Hack

Veritaseum is suing the U.S.’ third-largest phone carrier for failing to prevent a hack that led to the loss of millions of dollars-worth of...

T-Mobile Sued Over $8.7m Stolen in SIM-Swap Attacks

Reggie Middleton, the chief executive of crypto company Veritaseum, is suing telecommunications provider T-Mobile for allegedly enabling the theft of $8.7 million worth of...
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