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Crypto Tidbits: MicroStrategy’s $250m Bitcoin Purchase, Ethereum DeFi Boom, BitMEX KYC

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. It’s been another volatile week for the Bitcoin market. In the past seven days, the leading cryptocurrency has traded...

Top VC Fears DeFi “Black Thursday” Redux Is Possible as Ethereum Congests

Ethereum has a transaction fee problem, similar to the one it and Bitcoin faced in 2017 and early 2018. On August 12th, the cost of...

The US Dollar is “Ready to Break Down” – How This May Impact Bitcoin

As Bitcoin continues establishing its position as a major asset on the global stage, its correlation to other markets has been shifting. Although it was...

Why Tron’s 20% One-Week Climb Is Just The Start Of Extended Uptrend

Bitcoin and major altcoins have been breaking out all across the crypto space. Several other top altcoins across the top 100 by market cap...

Economist On DeFi: Crypto Insiders Aware Tokens Are Worthless, Speculate Anyway

The crypto market has taken a strange turn in recent weeks. What started out as a perfectly sustainable trend of rapidly growing DeFi projects,...