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KingSwap’s $KING Token Listed on Coinbig Exchange

The regulated DeFi token is now available on its third centralized exchange in the span just of one month SINGAPORE, Jan. 28, 2021 ...

Messari: Graphical social token categories and value capture

A social token platform with a powerful token economic model will have the most opportunity to accumulate revenue and value derived from personal tokens...

Quant (QNT) token is being adopted by firms, banks, and governments

Mass adoption has been a long-term goal of the crypto industry ever since Bitcoin trading began, some 12 years ago. However, it would appear...

How does the token economy promote the development of the creator community?

The token economy can give early participants in the creator community greater incentives and give full play to the value of attention. Written by:...

Crypto.com Review: 10 Reasons CRO Token is About to Soar 🚀

Crypto.com represents a complete ecosystem of DeFi services: A wallet that enables transactions worldwide, an app on which to buy, sell and...
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