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C-Trade: $240,000 Prize pool! Win big with USDT futures campaign 2021

There’s good news for loyal users of C-Trade, one of the best cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges in the world. You’re going to love it even...

OKEx, Swarm Digital Asset ‘BZZ’ Listed on USDT Market

The OKEx global exchange announced on the 22nd that it will list Swarm's native digital asset BZZ, Vitalik Buterin's ambitious work for...

Thunder Token (TT) listed on Uniswap V3… TT/ETH·TT/USDT trading pair support

Thunder Token (TT) announced on the 7th that TT/ETH and TT/USDT trading pairs will be supported as it is officially listed on...

Coinbase Pro announces addition of Tether (USDT) on its platform

US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro has announced the addition of Tether (USDT) stablecoins to its trading platform. This means the world’s most popular stablecoin...

OKEx, Dao Maker Network ‘DAO’ Listed on the USDT market

14th at 7pm Global digital asset exchange OKEx (OKEx) announced that DAO of the Dao Maker Network will be listed on the...
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