Meets Michael Johnson, Founder of Wanderlust “To travel through new social networks”


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1) Welcome to Blockcast. cc’s Youtube channel, we exist in the crypto space to share important information and the correct education for all. Hi everyone, let’s welcome Michael Johnson, Founder of Wanderlust to our channel.

Dear Mike, can you tell us more about yourself and also your fellow co-founder Paul and your team?

My name is Mike Johnson, I am 30 years old. I have been involved with Crypto since January 2018 as an investor until last year. My background is in Sales, Marketing, & Finance for the past 10 years. Playing lead roles as Team manager for smart home marketing and sales company, and finance manager at large volume car dealerships. Understanding how money flows in and out of businesses and how to maximize internal revenue dealing directly with the consumer. I am also an Avid traveler along with my wife who has is living in her 3rd country and has visited 34 different countries so far. Coming from a background in finance and being involved in the crypto space I quickly saw a real-world problem when it came to traveling and the different costs of traveling based on your geographic location. I problem that I quickly saw could be solved by a decentralized currency.

Paul & I became good friends through another mutual hobby where we both discovered we both loved crypto. Paul has wonderful people skills and just big energy to have in the community and helped when it came to creating a game plan for starting a community. In the last 5 months of development, we have brought on a few new core members including a Dev that has proved himself time and time again that he can conquer any development task put in front of him. We met through a mutual friend as an introduction to build our NFT Generator, which he has successfully done, as well as many many smart contracts, launch pads, Dex, games. If it speaks solidity he is talking to it. I have brought on my CMO which we happen to meet through pure luck and with his love for Wanderlust and background in marketing/crypto specific marketing/ and graphic design we got along great. Even met traveling across the world to support Wanderlust at its first proof of concept. We have also brought on two new community executives to create a mod structure within the mod team and coordinate schedules, platform utility, social media management, and event schedule. We are also soon introducing community paid roles like our community outreach task force that will allow our community members to earn and help be a direct part of the growth of our company.

2) For those who are hearing about Wanderlust for the first time, can you tell us more about Wanderlust, how you started it and what it stands for?

A question that endless words could fill. In Black and White Wanderlust is a Tech company developing an application that allows users to pay for travel expenses through our native decentralized Asset. At the same time providing community engaging utility like staking through the tokenomics of the contract. As well as the first NFT Minting platform that allows users to seamlessly mint their travel photos or images into personalized NFTs by being able to easily add prebuilt frames, filters, and even embed QR codes to make the NFT scannable to a certain NFT collection or Geotagging your travel adventures.

Now in full color, Wanderlust is so much more than that. We are a sophisticated, curious, and adventurous brand. We believe in the travel experience, seeing the world wanders, and most importantly we believe strongly to the core of all things that we should give back in a way that can help preserve the natural paradises of the world. We will be launching a series of limited high-quality animated video NFTs that we will be putting up to be able to participate in charitable activities with organizations that have the same beliefs that we do.

3) I understand that you have new tokenmics. What are the changes and how this would work in the slightly bearish times?

Yes, we have introduced new tokenomics that are paired with better mechanics.

It goes as the following.

6% Buy Tax:

Miike -Wanderlust.(Will Never DM First or Ask For Money), [27/1/2022 3:01 PM]
2% Staking Pool
2% Auto Liquidity
2% Marketing

10% Sales Tax:

3% Staking Pool
3% Auto Liquidity
4% Marketing

To answer your question, I do believe the tokenomics that we have implemented will be able to survive bearish markets because staking creates a competitive and rewarding ecosystem. Since our Staking Pool is directly fed through the tokenomics it means that the staking pools will only get larger and larger and our contract has it set to be paying out 10% of the total pooled daily. This means that the 10% constantly grows so the payouts do as well. People holding a big bag knowing that as volume flows that can be creating a passive income and strengthening their position creates a reason to hold during all markets. Not only have we incorporated staking into our contract but we will be launching on the Degem launchpad adding additional utility as soon we launch! You will have the option to stake tokens for a percentage of the payout event and even use the Degem Gem cave to stake for other tokens or use other tokens to stake for our, as well as create farming pools.

4) Marketing is one of the key aspects of a successful project. Can you tell us what are your marketing plans for Q1 2022?

This is a question I asked 5 months ago I could not answer as confidently and well-executed. Marketing set in place when originally launched was next to nothing. I was not aware of community outreach, and what builds communities. In the last 5 months of being in the crypto space 25 out of 24 hours a day, my network has grown tremendously, my understanding of marketing is along with it. Additionally, I have brought in some incredible talent in the field to my core team that works every day just like I do to engineer the proper plan. So to get into our Marketing Road map it begins here:

– An AMA tour if so to speak, going to all the biggest and smallest communities in Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Asking for the opportunity to tell them about my Company and some of the products and solutions we are developing through blockchain technology, I believe this creates core members no matter how big or small the audience is as well as organic interest.

– Putting out a lot of Graphical content, having it spread across social media, to become recognized. exciting videography and appealing images do a lot to the human Psyche even if it doesn’t bring someone in the first time. They see your branding enough times… Well, curiosity is powerful.

– Influencer Representation, quality community leaders, and respected influencer backing. We will only ever present the highest quality that we can build and share the vision and development of wanderlust and its captivating. We will use Influencers and content creators of different niches, NFTS, Cryptocurrencies, Travel Bloggers, Lifestyle, photography.

– We are working on establishing a relationship with a well-known person and establishment that fit perfectly with our vision of preserving nature and seeing the world. (Really large & globally known.) As well as photographers that might have worked with such establishments.

– I will be Scheduling a Fox News and Bloomberg Live TV Interview for Wanderlust in the coming days.

– Representation and Front Coverage of Crypto Weekly magazine currently sitting around 125k subs.

– Press Releases about our TV appearance and upcoming launch.

– Digital Airport Ads

– Poocoin, YouTube, and other web ads

– The biggest engagement will come from word of mouth and our Whitelist Competition. We will soon be opening up a Sweep widget contest allowing our brand to maximize our exposure on social media events and creating a lot of excitement about the chance to be an early investor. This along with organized raid parties and fun smaller contests for community engagement.

5) We want to talk about your product offerings. Can you walk us through your platform, NFT Generator, and all?

So we are a company with an asset that will have a few different utilities, some for the direct solution to a real-world problem and others that are for community engagement, charitable offers, and holding incentives.

Now the NFT Generator is a minting platform that allows for users to easily be able to mint their photos on the go, not only mint them but to be able to personalize them with ease. This is why platforms like Snapchat and Instagram got so much attention from a broad spectrum of users because you do not need to be tech-savvy to use them. So a user would simply come to our Web3 Website and connect their wallet to the platform. The platform will give you access to open up your media and select a file that you wish to mint, you simply name the NFT, select the desired frame or filter prebuilt by our designer(More and limit additions to come), select how many you would like to mint, and then you have the unique option that will allow users to embed a URL that will then be converted into a QR and placed on the NFT making it scannable. This is our vision of the perfect way for a user to be able to capture their travel escapades on the blockchain to own forever, send to friends or family, and even sell if they are an artist. The QR code is an amazing technique to geotag travel or wildlife photography or maybe even bring directly to a content creator’s collections when you scan the NFT. Now not only did we build this unique minting platform but we also imbedded a lottery system so that with every transaction a wallet has with the minting contract alongside the NFTs, a bep10 lottery token will be minted as well, this token is not tradable but we have built a contract that keeps track of the number of tokens sent to wallets. once our target goal of X amount of NFTs are minted the contract will randomly select a wallet address holding the lottery token, the winner then will prove ownership of the token and win a paid- vacation from Wanderlust.

6) With the strong products, what business partnerships have you forged?

I have formed many partnerships and collaborations within the crypto space, within the business realm we have been partnering with individual property owners and business owners in excepting our native asset as a payment method for their services. We are currently working alongside a big real-estate entity to gain the ability to ramp up or reach interested parties by the thousands at a time. As well as many possible partnerships in the works. We are currently developing the application platform and property managements platforms from the web browser experience as we continue development on our companion app.

7) Great insights. Community plays a big part in projects and strengthens your business in general. Tell us about your community and its roles?

Yes, so the community is very important to us that is why we had decided to create a new Telegram group and new discord group to have 100% organic growth and no bots. So we are currently growing our mod team and positions in which my community executives organize a schedule for community events and regular updates, announcements, raids, VC options. Besides creating a core structure for the communities we will also be presenting paid community opportunities that will be led by core team members, positions will be for an outreach task force and what this task force creates is the ability for a community member or investor to be able to participate in the growth of the business while earning an income.

8) What plans do you have in South East Asia?

To visit every last inch. Haha no in all seriousness the Asian community is beyond important for us so we are already interviewing with bilingual individuals when the time comes and the demand is needed to create those native communities. We want strong ties in the southeast Asian communities, I believe that the market is so big for the Wanderlust applications, and relationships with Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Tokyo can bring a lot of benefit to both parties. So We are very interested in and looking forward to the work to gain the right network assets to be able to create business partnerships. To be Global is to be a success, anything less is not acceptable.

9) I saw that you are working on your private and pre-sale now. Tell us more.

Yes, right now we have a small private sale of 208 BNB that is being raised by early community members, we did it this way so that the holders and members of the project going through this transition with us had the first opportunity to participate. Now as we go around and start this AMA tour it will allow other communities to learn about our Company and what we are doing. Once we complete this phase we will go on the multi-week marketing campaign leading up to launch. Gaining lots of exposure and community members through collaborations and competitions. To lead up and only launch when the buying pressure is being felt for a healthy launch and staking available right away.

10) Share an inspiring quote to wow us.

“Wanderlust goes beyond a core desire to travel the physical world but is also paired with a lust to connect with people. To travel through new social networks.” ~Mike Johnson

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