Club Vibes Ep 10: The Domino Effect of Three Arrows Capital & Terra


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Over the last 5 days, there have been issues popping up with the closure of Three Arrows Capital. One company Voyager Digital has lost a lot of money due to the mismanagement of the funds within 3AC. This capitulation all began with the loss of Terra bringing down almost 600 million dollars in debt onto 3AC. Why a capital management company would have taken on locked assets should be questioned in future dealings to see if this is a proper move for large capital funds.

Sam Bankman-Fried with FTX has recently tried to help out with the situation by providing credit solutions to trouble company Voyager Digital as well as BlockFi. Now the question we have for these companies is by taking the credit line is it putting them in a better situation? If things don’t improve could it have a domino effect and make everything a lot worse in the near future?

Voyager Digital is tied back to having funds in 3AC so it should be interesting in the near future where all the dominos fall in the end.

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