Club Vibes Ep 8: Mad Meerkat Finance Hack Exploited for over Two Million


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Last night we had a backend hack of the Mad Meerkat Finance project with over two million dollars stolen from wallets. Luckily the MMF finance has said they will pay back the funds that were stolen, so users wouldn’t have to worry. Users were warned early to please not do any transactions on the network but sadly the hackers were able to steal the two million from unsuspecting people. This does bring back memories of a 31 million dollar hack on Meerkat Finance on the BSC network. We have no way to know if the hack is related or if the developers are even the same people.

Please make sure to take the time to protect your wallet by making sure to disconnect after doing any transactions on a cryptocurrency app online or on your phone. There is potentially a way for hackers to exploit this link and cause the users to lose everything in their wallets. Luckily none of these users did lose any of their NFTs, which potentially could have made this story much larger in magnitude. Protect your wallets and clean your data after connecting to any website to always protect yourself in the future.

Scott Tripp (CryptoBeast32) & Chris (VibininCrypto) bringing the trending topics to Blockcast.

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