DeFi Live Virtual Stream: How Global Macro Trends Might Affect Crypto in the Near Future

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DeFi Live Virtual Stream: How Global Macro Trends Might Affect Crypto in the Near Future

DeFI Live is a 2-day experience hosted virtually and in-person in London, showcasing the hottest DeFi Projects and biggest tech breakthroughs in the works. There were over 700 attendees, 200 speakers and more than 2000 global audiences at the event.

In this panel titled ‘How Global Macro Trends Might Affect Crypto in the Near Future’, the following speakers were present to share their insights: William Ralston Saul – Co-Founder, InCryptoHub; Barry Herbst – Snr VP Strategic Partnerships & growth. The Elliot; Anndy Lian – Chairman. Asia BigONE Exchange and Dan Beurthe – Director of communications, Zebu.

This panel discussion covered several trending topics and issues:
– Effects of over-regulation on personal and business banking activities
– Effects of inflation
– Effects of the developments in technology
– Thoughts on traditional companies moving into the tokenised space
– Key driving forces behind adoption of blockchain technology
– NFTs: how they are viewed vs its true purpose
– Utility coins vs memecoins

It is not rocket science that regulatory costs will continue to climb and remain a top concern for bankers. This all adds cost, with consumers ultimately bearing the burden. New technology will aid this process. "With all the over-regulation happening with personal and business bank accounts, the move to have all your financial activities done on the blockchain is inevitable." – William Ralston Saul

"Cryptocurrency empowers people to rethink their typical career life." – Anndy Lian. Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency, has also finally taken a step towards the mainstream. Cryptocurrency provides many incentives for entrepreneurs across the globe. It has made it easier for entrepreneurs to reach international markets rather than strictly sticking to the national markets.

Web 3.0 is the next stage of the web evolution that would make the internet more intelligent or process information with near-human-like intelligence through the power of AI systems that could run smart programs to assist users. The combination of Web 3.0 and crypto will change things. "When people realise that they are the product – their data is the product – Web3 will take over in terms of people owning their data using protocols, blockchains, and DApps." – Barry Herbst.

"The true value of cryptocurrency is not the price; it is how we use blockchain to do good for everybody." – Anndy Lian. This will depend on the future of blockchain technology and how we position it now. The hype may fade, but the technology will continue to evolve if we keep building. Anndy also mentioned that the trends can be meme coin for example. This is a trend that is easily relatable to new users. It can be Shiba or Kishu, as long as they build products that people can use and their community is strong, this has already fulfilled the utility portion of blockchain.

The adoption of blockchain technology, especially cryptocurrencies, is truly inevitable and it’s approaching at a speed faster than we think. This industry is growing larger by the day and we’re glad to have had this board of panellists discuss what our future could hold. Are you ready?

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