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In another free crypto interview, BlockchainBrad speaks with DIA co-founder about verified & transparent oracles & related tech for the DeFi Economy. DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply and share trustable data. DIA is an open-source platform built for transparency, though community-verified price oracles for legitimate DeFi applications. Thanks Paul for taking so much time to explain what DIA is!

Why Oracles?
DeFi applications are reliant on trustable and scalable data feeds to build reliable products and avoid exploitation and manipulation. DIA leverages crypto-economic incentives and the wisdom of the community to source, validate and deliver trusted financial data.
0:08 Introduction.
0:30 Transparency statement
0:50 What is DIA?
1:04 Data: transparency & efficiency. Community-sourced & verified data. Authentic Decentralisation.
2:02 DeFi, Context. What sets DIA apart.
2:22 Governance + Product. DAO reference.
3:43 Products
3:53 Community- sourced data. Community validated data. Trustless.
4:29 Transparency & Efficiency: core elements
6:21 Scalability through efficiency
7:10 Let’s talk about where you are at now. CeFi-DeFi
8:10 Need for decentralised data sources.
10:35 Oracles in the space. Real DeFi oracles.
14:10 Working with other platforms
14:40 Specific products: devs and documentation.
16:30 Building for several years
17:59 What is the fundamental aim?
20:20 Support for multi-oracle approach. Clients & industry demand.
22:05 Maximalist agenda. DIA is certainly not in the maxi camp!
22:25 The Verifiable Bridge
26:20 Proof of Use. Economic Incentives embedded in DIA.
27:03 ecosystem Pool
27:30 The Governance Token + Utility + reward. Discussion on governance.
31:34 The common vision. Oracle Alliances etc.
33:20 RoadMap.
35:32 Partnerships/Pipeline of clients etc.
37:55 Mainstream integrators
39:44 Benefits of Onchain audit trails. API can be powerful too.
40:40 Team Credentials. Overall statement
44:00 Resources to build for future
45:16 Investors: outlier ventures & others
46:41 The DeFi Continuum
48:20 The DIA buzzword = transparency
48:56 The Tech Stack explained
50:08 Why Hybridize?
51:28 Token Talk. The bonding Curve. price discovery design.
53:10 What happens at Aug 18? (note: early investors can sell their tokens at this point). Getways (i.e. exchanges) are coming!
54:45 More on token launch
56:45 More on exchanges
1:01:10 Tokens, Lockups & dumping discussion
1:03:15 Transparency Report (look for it in links)
1:04:23 Data Scrapers/ tech.
1:05:41 Integrators. So many listed and more coming.
1:08:23 Regulation and Compliance
1:10:01 Github status.
1:12:22 Foundation future.
1:15:00 Community-audited approach
1:16:30 Yield Generation Program
1:18:16 Influences, Deals, payments: transparent discussion.
1:21:05 Crypto Startup Connection/interest in DIA
1:21:45 ORACLES: the Necessary piece of the puzzle
1:24:09 roadmap update
1:27:10 Closing statement.
website: https://diadata.org/
medium: https://medium.com/dia-insights
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DIAdata_org
Transparency Report: https://medium.com/dia-insights/transparency-report-1f61493ed9e5
DIA Labs is the sandbox for the DeFi ecosystem. This initiative calls for incumbent DeFi market actors, startups, researchers and innovators of all walks and sizes to apply for a DIA token grant, giving people access to high quality digital and traditional asset data.
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This was 100% free and I received NO financial compensation for doing this video; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment. I did ALL the editing also.
I have not invested in the related token, however post Bonding Curve period I am considering this. Private Sale investors a lot of tokens released after this period ends, so that is something to be aware of. But yeah, I am considering buying some DIA tokens and even staking.
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