Korea Blockchain Conference 2022: Blockchain Technology, Innovation and Opportunity


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Korea Blockchain Conference (KBCC) was conceptualized and curated to help the growth and development of the blockchain industry. The event helps to let the South Korean audiences know more about the technology and also brings foreign talents to share their experiences with the locals.

Experts in various fields were present at the event. The event started with a video congratulatory speech by Won Hee-ryong, a member of the People’s Power.

The panel on Blockchain Technology, Innovation and Opportunity is one of the key highlights of the event as it featured panellists from around the region. Blockchain innovation is a radical, competence-destroying innovation in that the novelty of the technology would render the current one obsolete. It is also a disruptive, architectural innovation where it’s implementation market-wide would lead to the reorganisation of business models across multiple industries.


Jenny Zheng / Co-founder of Blockcast and Head of Business Development of Bybit NFT Marketplace.


Anndy Lian / Chairman of BigONE Exchange
Davy Goh / CEO of Passion Venture Capital
Joe Lu / Partner of Origin Storage
Hwang Byung-Sun / CEO of Bigbang Angels

Blockchain technologies are introducing new systems of trust and exchange on which users can send value directly from one party to another without the need for intermediaries. This is what the panellists want to share with the audiences.


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