Neil Bahal of Negan Capital: Portfolio Strategy for 193% gains


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Neil Bahal is the founder and CEO of Negan Capital which is a top-performing portfolio Management Service in India. 193% in one year against 50% for the benchmark index. It is 4 times the benchmark. Website is.

His speciality is investing in special situation companies e.g. those about to be restructured and technology companies. His returns are verified by SEBI (security and exchange board of India).

Four take away pointers:

1) Investment strategy: the portfolio has a unique approach of investing in special situation companies and technology companies. special situation companies could be those which will be demerged or change ownership. these companies typically have good fundamentals and are available at attractive prices .

2) Technology bets; the portfolio service suggests that three major technology investment areas in India would be a) music industry b) 5 g c) cybersecurity.

3) IPO investing; the fund is waiting for some new promising IPOs like Nykaa and Zerodha.

4) India market valuations: fund believes that valuations in the Indian market could be high. The overall market looks good for growth and any correction will be a good opportunity to buy more. Investors should do dollar-cost averaging. Technology is next big emerging sector in India and investors should look at it favourably.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:41 Broad Portfolio Strategy for 193% gains
00:03:19 Special Situation Investing example (GMR infrastructure)
00:06:44 GMR infrastructure deal, demerger
00:09:45 Target returns for Portfolio
00:10:50 Top performer so far (Greenpanel Industries)
00:16:49 How and where to find special situation companies
00:18:28 Any learnings from investing in special situation companies
00:19:55 Investing style (Large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap)
00:20:28 Fav tech picks (Music streaming industry, Cyber security, 5G)
00:22:53 Specific Picks for the music industry (Tip, SA RE GA MA)
00:25:43 Specific Cybersecurity plays
00:26:12 New IPOs (Nykaa, Zerodha), tech valuations in India
00:28:00 Specific 5 G play (Tejas Network)
00:30:04 Technology companies owned by Negen Capital
00:30:27 What % Allocations per holding
00:31:19 Are Valuations lofty in India?
00:34:20 Inflation crash coming in?
00:36:49 View on Pharma, chemical
00:38:27 Investment advice for somebody in the 20s
00:40:48 Where to invest 20 lakh rupees
00:42:42 thanks and goodbye

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