Panel Discussion on DAOs- Can DAO be the mainstream?


Panel Discussion on DAOs- Can DAO be the mainstream?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a system developed to distribute decision-making, management, and entity ownership. It is an entity with no central leadership. Decisions get made from the bottom-up, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules enforced on a blockchain. DAOs are internet-native organizations collectively owned and managed by their members.

Ideally, DAOs are being used for many purposes such as investment, charity, fundraising, borrowing, or buying NFTs, all without intermediaries. The panel discussion will share their point of view on DAOs.

1. 각자 DAO는 무엇인지 정의해 달라.
What is DAO. Each of you defines DAO.

2. 인간은 사회적 동물이다. 그리고 조직을 구성해 왔다. 그리고 그 조직은 언제나 리더가 이끌어왔다. 리더가 없는 조직, DAO 구현 가능할까.
Humans are social animals, and have formed organizations from the past. Any kinds of organizations always have a leader. Is it possible an organization without a leader (a.k.a DAO) in reality?

3. 다오의 의사결정과정은 다른 조직에 비해 상대적으로 비효율적이다. 그러한 비효율성에도 불구하고 다오가 주요한 조직의 형태가 될 수 있을까.
Decision making process of DAO is relatively inefficient than normal organizations. Can DAO be the mainstream forms of organizations, even if that kind of inefficiency?

4. 지금까지 유의미하게 성공한 다오가 있을까. 있다면 무엇이며, 없다면 그 이유는 뭘까.

5. 가장 극단적으로 중앙화된 조직의 형태 중 하나가 국가가 아닐까 한다. 그렇다면 국가와 다오는 공존할 수 있을까.
I think one of the extremely central organization forms is government. If so, can the government and DAOs coexist?

"Human are social animals ….. many DAOs effectively are centralized if you look at how they execute their decision process. Snapshot proposals are bullshit. A few calls and a few meetings outside the decentralized sphere changed the decisions. DAO can be very efficient, especially the single-purpose ones.

Yes, government and organizations can surely coexist vis DAOs. Look at Korea. The association/ lobby groups are a kind of DAO. Decisions are made by the community by votes. They lobby against the government for certain matters. Isn’t this the same as what we see in the crypto native space?" Anndy Lian, Book Author "NFT: From Zero to Hero" commented.

This event is held during the Korea Blockchain Week 2022. This sub-event brought many local Korean experts together.

When a DAO achieves success, it can then increase the value of the tokens. This helps tackle the issues related to generating capital. Anndy also mentioned that DAOs should find self-sustaining revenue and income.

Let’s DAO be a decentralized autonomous organization and not DOA (dead on arrival).