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Every week we try to get at least one cutting edge Nft and/or cryptoartist on BITCOINLIVE and do a little expose of his/her work, life, and thoughts. As well as to get his/her views on crypto, blockchain, and the Nft space in general.

This week we had Dalek on. Dalek is the originator of SPACEMONKY: a weird, quirky, crazy, and out of this world cartoon character. Similar to those classic cartoons of yore, like Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, Ren & Stimpy, Pinky and the Brain, it has that slapstick violence and high level of absurdity to it. But it also has some serious depth. Because hidden behind this colorful looney-toon are some deep thoughts. Dalek has had a fascination with the relationship between man and machine, and has come up with a philosophy and social critique which is almost the reverse of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and which has culminated in the creation of SPACEMONKY.

In this wonderful interview we get the chance to dive into that philosophy (as well as other crypto & Nft related topics) and we come to learn that SPACEMONKY isn’t just unique in its bold and daring use of colored surfaces and sharp edges, for it’s also a warning of where we might end up if we are not careful. That is: we might devolve into crazy lab monkeys, shot into space, doomed to forever circle a dying star…

Enjoy the amazing talk we had, and get to learn more about SPACEMONKY and the brain behind it!

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