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Our amazing guest today is non other than πŸ€— @TechWithCatalina! Of course we had a ton of questions for her! Like what is her favorite crypto project? 😍 How is #crypto #adoption in #LatinAmerica? 🌎🌐 We also talked about #Argentina πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·, #Alts, and a #Bitcoin #bullrun! After that, it was 😎 #DeFi, bubbles, & GA’s! πŸ₯³

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πŸ“Ί https://youtu.be/Q6mMWiwa0U8
🐦 @TechWithCatalina

🚨 "#DanMorehead Best Interview! A #MUSTSEE!"
#TechWithCatalina talks Alts & #BTC

😬 "Emergency DeFi Update: A #Bubble Or The Next Big Thing?"

😱 "Secret Government Plan For Stock Market HYPER BUBBLE (Revealed)"
#GeorgeGammon on #TGA

🀴 "#PrincesOfTheYen & #CentralBank Alchemy (with #RichardWerner & #HughHendry)

πŸ‘Š "Enormous Class Action #Lawsuit Filed: Bitcoin & #Cryptocurrency vs #Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook"

🀩 "This #ALTCOIN Has Direction Ties To #WarrenBuffett!!"

😺 Check our Facebook post on Bank #CryptoCustody ❀ (and the #OCC)

"BTC & #ETH Rally on US Banks Being Greenlighted to Offer Crypto Custody"

BTC & ETH Rally on US Banks Being Greenlighted to Offer Crypto Custody

"The Total Value Locked in DeFi Reaches $3 Billion"

"#Zimbabwe blocks all mobile money payments as currency collapses"

"The Rise of #Compound: Hype-Driven Bubble or Indicator of DeFi’s Strength?"

"#ChainLink’s digital coin skyrockets 388% in 130 days, still soaring"

ChainLink’s digital coin skyrockets 388% in 130 days, still soaring

"#Binance Smart Chain Integrates ChainLink Oracles, Ventures into DeFi"

Binance Smart Chain Integrates ChainLink Oracles, Ventures into DeFi

"4 Additional Projects Integrate ChainLink (LINK) Technology This Week"

4 Additional Projects Integrate ChainLink (LINK) Technology This Week

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