Web2 to Web3: Unraveling the Future of Digital Infrastructure | Moderated by Anndy Lian


Web2 to Web3: Unraveling the Future of Digital Infrastructure | Moderated by Anndy Lian

Embark on a journey exploring the transformative evolution from the centralized world of Web2 to the decentralized, user-centric universe of Web3. Discover how blockchain technology stands at the forefront of this change, emphasizing individual empowerment and data transparency.

Discussion Highlights:

– Decentralization and User Empowerment – Dive into how Web3 offers users unparalleled control over their digital identities and interactions.
– The Pillars of Blockchain – Delve into the role of blockchain as a core facilitator of trust, transparency, and security in the digital realm.
– NFTs & Digital Ownership – Decode the ascent of NFTs and their transformative impact on digital ownership dynamics and creator rights.
– Regulatory & Legal Landscape – Navigate the evolving regulations and legalities surrounding the Web3 domain.
– Web3’s Future Prospects – Discuss the potential reverberations of Web3 across myriad sectors, ranging from finance to governance.

Anndy Lian – Intergovernmental Blockchain Advisor & Author of "NFT: From Zero to Hero".

Panelist 1:
Tim Aron – Barrister at Minerva Chambers & External Counsel for Tether and Bitfinex Securities.

Panelist 2:
Talgat Dossanov – Founder & CEO of Biteeu Exchange.

Panelist 3:
Rafal Trepka – General Manager for Central Asia at Mastercard.

Panelist 4:
Daryna Rabinova – Institutional Business Manager at Huobi.


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