Home Interviews James JU(巨建华), BHEX Founder & CEO:每一轮熊市都是一次巨大的机会,但只有拥有足够远见的人才能把握。

James JU(巨建华), BHEX Founder & CEO:每一轮熊市都是一次巨大的机会,但只有拥有足够远见的人才能把握。

Each round of bear market is a huge opportunity for investors, but only those with enough vision can grasp

blockcast cc ju jian hua interview scaled
blockcast cc ju jian hua interview scaled


Blockcast.cc:今天十分荣幸邀请到BHEX的团队来到Blockcast.cc, 我们将对BHEX团队进行系列专访,请大家持续关注!首先,欢迎创始人兼CEO巨建华先生, 请您简单介绍一下您自己。

Blockcast.cc:Hi, James, welcome to Blockcast.cc! Great to have you and your team here! First of all, can you introduce yourself?

James: 大家好,我是巨建华,区块链资深技术专家,连续成功创业者,在金融交易、加密货币与区块链技术等领域具备丰富经验。2017-2018年任X Financial技术副总裁,任职期间X Financial在美国纽交所成功上市(股票代码XYF);2014-2017年任火币网CTO,任职期间带领团队搭建了支撑火币Pro三年业务发展的核心交易系统和产品。曾任大麦网等知名互联网公司CTO,构建了目前国内最大票务网站大麦网的SaaS票务系统。

James: Hi, I am James Ju, the Founder & CEO of BHEX. A senior technology expert and a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the fields of Finance, Internet security, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technology. From 2017 to 2018, served as Vice President of Technology in X Financial. During my tenure, X Financial (XYF) was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange. From 2014 to 2017, served as CTO of Huobi Global, led the team and built Huobi Pro’s core trading platform. I used to be the CTO of well-known Internet companies such as Damai.com, and built the SaaS ticketing system of Damai.com, which is the largest ticketing website in China.

Blockcast.cc:可以位我们的读者介绍更多关于BHEX的内容吗? 你们项目的主要目标是什么?

Blockcast.cc:Can you tell us more about BHEX? What is the main goal of your project?

James: BHEX(中文名:币核)是一个去中心化且开放的数字资产交易平台,2018年12月上线。由火币网前CTO巨建华创办,底层由Bluehelix去中心化资产托管清算技术支撑,为用户提供币币交易以及法币交易。主要目标是通过解决加密资产在流通和存储环节的中心化不透明的信任问题,通过全球清算成员共同建立的blue helix托管链实现安全、公开、透明的服务。同时BHEX交易所具备百万级交易并发的高性能,并提供虚拟券商功能和BHOP开放平台,服务于商业伙伴和终端用户。

James: BHEX is a decentralized and open digital asset trading platform, launched in December 2018. Founded by CTO Jianhua Ju, the former CTO of Huobi. The bottom layer is supported by Bluehelix decentralized asset custody and clearing technology which provide users with currency transactions and fiat currency transactions. The main goal is to achieve secure, open and transparent services through the Bluehelix escrow chain jointly established by global clearing members by addressing the problem of centralized untrust in the circulation and storage of cryptocurrency assets. At the same time, BHEX Exchange has the high performance of millions of concurrent transactions and provides virtual broker functions and BHOP open platform for business partners and end users.

Blockcast.cc: 您对对目前的加密货币和区块链市场有何看法?

Blockcast.cc:What is your view on the current cryptocurrency market?

James: 2018年,区块链行业经历了最大的起伏,年初急速拉升的资产价格,吸引了大量投机者跑步入场,而年底资产价格的急速下跌又导致无数人抛售出场,这与前3轮区块链市场经历的熊市的状态何其相似,投机者们收益如何我们不得而知,但是我们能看到,那些能坚持理想并成功跨越牛熊的市场参与者,都获得了巨大成功。

James: In 2018, the blockchain industry experienced the biggest pumps and dumps. The rising market price at the beginning of 2018 attracted a large number of speculators to enter the market. The rapid decline in market price at the end of 2018 caused numerous people to sell out. The bear market of blockchain is similar to previous 3 rounds. We don’t know how the speculators benefit, but we can see that those market participants who can persist in their ideals and successfully cross the bulls and bears have achieved great success.

Blockcast.cc: 有什么想要传达给我们Blockcast的读者? 可以是建议,观点或者一些思考。例如“我相信区块链,它可以改变世界。”

Blockcast.cc:Is there anything else you want to share with our viewrs? 

James: 每一轮熊市都是一次巨大的机会,但只有拥有足够远见的人才能把握。

James: Each round of bear market is a huge opportunity for investors, but only those with enough vision can grasp.


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