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Nodesblock blockchain development services covers decentralized solutions for multiple industries from finance, medical to gaming. They want to attract more developers to join the blockchain industry to make it more sustainable and grow together with the industry.

“We are specialized in integrating blockchain-based modules into existing systems to ensure smooth adoption of new blockchain technology. We believe that blockchain technology is the future. It will be changing the world, turning it into a decentralized economy. ” Spokesperson at Nodeblock stated.

Nodesblock is a blockchain development company based in Asia with offices in Singapore and South Korea. They are here to assist startups, small medium enterprises, large corporations  to design, develop and evolve using blockchain.

The core group of founders are spreading their knowledge in South Korea this week to bring in more traditional developers into the blockchain market. Nodesblock would want to encourage like minded developers to start a marketplace to start learning about blockchain technologies and after mastering it, they can provide their services in return.

There are currently 9 staff in the team, covering projects based on Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger and Ripple. They plan to hire 2 more staff to make it 11 and will try to get more help within the marketplace if they needed more hands.

Nodesblock and the core members are in South Korea, Seoul this week. To find out more about them, go to www.nodesblock.com.

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