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Ethereum’s scarcity journey: will ETH really enter the era of deflation?

EIP-1559, ETH pledge, and the merger of the old and new chains will bring unprecedented supply shocks to ETH. Original title: "View | ETH...

Making sense of the path Bitcoin’s price will take in the near future

Each time a halving occurs, Bitcoin sees a dramatic surge to a new all-time high, beyond many expectations. Bitcoin’s value sees regular pumps, followed...

How will the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade improve the user experience of hardware wallets?

Trezor has planned to introduce the CoinJoin feature by the end of this year, and Taproot will make these private transactions faster and...

After El Salvador, will Paraguay be the next to make Bitcoin ‘official currency’

El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender this month kindled national ambitions across Central and South America. In Paraguay, congressman Carlitos Rejala excited...

Bridgewater Fund Ray Dalio: Under what circumstances will Bitcoin lose its value?

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Fund, believes that Bitcoin is a success, but some institutions may kill it. Original title: "Legendary Investor Ruida...
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