Blockchain for Startups: Community ICO, Token Economics, and much more


Come join us on October 19th at the Peerbuds Innovation Lab to learn the fundamentals of an ICO and much more! This meetup will be featuring two San Francisco based blockchain startups Rakugo & Simply Vital Health, & one Santa Clara based blockchain startup, Astra.

Rakugo, the worlds first decentralized, blockchain based, content bounty platform, will share their knowledge, experiences, and the pitfalls they have avoided on their journey. Learn how to market and build a community around your ICO, and develop a solid understanding of token economics.

Rajesh Trivedi, from Astra – The Social Super Computer, will talk about The Trust Machines and its impact on Economics and Governance.

Lucas Henderson, from Simply Vital Health, is currently building a patient care coordination platform utilizing Blockchain technologies and using machine learning and other data analytics to provide insights into the data. He will talk about regulations, the benefits of utilizing the blockchain and how it can make a social impact on the world.

We will also make some time for everyone to ask their questions and network near the end of the event.

The Peerbuds Innovation Lab & Rakugo & Astra & Simply Vital Health Team look forward to seeing you there!

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