Blockchain Meetup


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Blockchain startups discussion panel.

Learn from those with in-depth experience in applying blockchain technology to a full range of forward-thinking use cases in AI, social media, security and information exchange.


TuringNet is a public chain that creates world’s first open and trustable Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Our solution sets future AI applications and development free from centralized organizations, serving the best of interests of the community that reshapes AI. We are also reinventing how the public participates in AI learning, eliminating duplicate AI model construction by centralized organizations, at the same time ensuring data privacy and security.


iBlock is a public blockchain that can adaptively achieve high performance for decentralized applications. It provides a managed, full-stack easy-to-use platform, allows developers and companies to develop, govern and operate a network with the performance and security necessary for versatile business use cases, and enables a new kind of distributed business network founded on the principles of trust, finality and security.


BOOSTO is an influencer infrastructure that provides a protocol for creating decentralized applications that act like an entire ecosystem and allow developers and companies to easily build DApps that directly interact with individual influencers, influencer networks, social media platforms, and brands with consumers, services, companies and much more.


Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels to issue tokens and create smart contracts, decentralized applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.


2:00 PM- 2:10 PM Introduction

2:10 PM- 2:25 PM TuringNet Pitch, Q&A

2:25 PM- 2:40 PM Iblock Pitch, Q&A

2:40 PM- 2:55 PM BOOSTO Pitch, Q&A

2:55 PM- 3:10 PM Achain Pitch, Q&A

3:10 PM- 3:40 PM Discussion Panel

3:40 PM- 4:30 PM Networking

Free food and drinks will be provided

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