Blockchain Theory and Cryptocurrency


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Blockchain technology is poised to change many business to business and business to consumer verticles over the next 20 years. Creating solutions within the Blockchain framework, not only requires some software engineering background, but it also requires a strong understanding of the theory and architecture of what’s available now (and what’s needed in the future).

Diverse communities are always last to be exposed to emerging technologies, prohibiting them from applying their own creativity to Blockchain innovations and generating solutions that could change the world. By teaching diverse cohorts of professionals the theory of Blockchain and decentralized applications, we can help spark their imagination to take decentralized technology to the next level.

In this session, you’ll become well knowledgeable about the following:

  • Understanding the 2008 Financial Collapse
  • Understanding the difference between Banks and Decentralized Systems
  • Understanding the importance of decentralized consensus
  • Exposure to different types of Decentralized Applications
  • Understanding what a blockchain is
  • Understanding the origins of Bitcoin
  • Understanding how to transact cryptocurrencies
  • Understanding how hashing algorithms work and how that relates to blockchain
  • Understanding how mining works in a Proof of Work System

You will aslo take actionable steps to becoming an investor in cryptocurrencies:

  • Setting up a Cryptocurrency Account on an exchange
  • Setting up a Wallet on Your Computer
  • Finding safe exchanges to invest in alternative cryptocurrencies
  • How best to do research before investing

This session is open to everyone! We will delve into all our questions about Blockchain, provide sound examples within the B2B and B2C markets, and also forecase its usage and scalability into the future!

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P.S. The event recording is also available for purchase! We will give access to the recording as well. 🙂

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