Born a Dog. Live a Legend. Praised by the Name: LegendDoge

Born a Dog. Live a Legend. Praised by the Name: LegendDoge.


  1. LegendDoge Brief

LegendDoge is a result of hard working and noble inspiration. Based on the marketing plans as well as products development, we are all ready to bring a Legend of all Doge coin. Moreover, it’s a community driven token, so you as a holder, your role is also important to us. With community involvement, LegendDoge surely be the king and rule the crypto world.

Now if you follow LegendDoge channel, you can see a massive marketing activity. They got airdrop, whitelist and many influencers have shared LegendDoge. Take a look, Travlad, Fabri, BSCdaily, Crypto Bull, Airdrop6, Airdrop king news and many more big names.

Airdrop Instruction:

LegendDoge is now all-over crypto communities. Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Poocoin, Coinhunter, coin sniper.

As for the token airdrop, members have won, those will be distributed after listing to ensure no one has the token before presale since they can add liquidity and the game will out of our team control.

Also, KOLs are now shilling along with Whales who are ready to be jump in after the listing. And they always welcome shillers.

Abou the LegendDoge token

The contract has been audited by Techrate, and will be reaudited by big names in short term. Also big Centralized EXchange listing coming in the near future.


  1. Key Features of LegendDoge.

They have 12% buy fees and 14 sell fees with 3 main functions:




  • Token Distribution
  • You can find this information again on our website: finance

  1. Presale round

Whitelist Official Link:

Soft cap is 500BNB and Hard Cap is 1000BNB. The allocation will be in a range of 0.1 BNB to 2.5 BNB. 80% of BNB for presale will be locked as liquidity for 6 months through Dxsale.

There will be first round for 100 Whitelist members. When the Whitelist round is done. Next is public round

  • Remember not send your BNB to contract address, you will lose that money.
  • You can see the Dxsale link on LegendDoge channel, also on Website, there is a button to join. So be aware of scam and fraught.

For each BNB, Investors will get 400Billion of LegendDoge.

Official Contract:  0x1FBd41383ddeAA6eAf772ea02D9b7fe662379bD1


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